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Our philosophy is all about professional entrepreneurship and perfectly serving our clients. Since the early days our team extends its passion to sell premium quality goods for your comfortable living. Through the years we've managed to create one of the most famous brands in our country and now we are glad to share our products online with you.
Our mission is not about gaining huge profits, we care about the people because by choosing our store you are giving us a chance to change a small part of your world and we are happy to do that professionally and passionately.
Our business is growing day by day and we are glad to announce another milestone which is signified by the launch of our web store - another wonderful way to browse and enjoy t he best commodities from our brand. Being an international store is a great challenge for our firm but we will take it with honor and dignity. We can promise you that you will feel all advantages of online shopping because this is way better and more comfortable than the traditional one.





Frequently Asked Questions

We only award the San Jose bakeshop Franchise preferably To people with a successful track record, not necessarily in the Bakeshop business, with emphasis on people handling skills and management. Franchisee should be motivated to succeed and be Outgoing person with entrepreneurial spirit. It is important that Franchisee accepts the pros and cons of franchising. Those who Desire a total control are not suitable to be franchisee
Each Franchisee is responsible for securing his/her own location. All potential sites must be submitted to San Jose Bakeshop for Approval. Construction or renovation is entirely at the expense Of the Franchisee
We will furnish you a floor plan, sketch and basic specification For the San Jose Bakeshop outlet. Franchisor is responsible for Customizing the basic plan to the dimension of the proposed Location.
This will depend on several factors, a good location for your Facility, completing the training, renovation, etc. under favorable Conditions; you may be able to open in 45 – 60 days.
As a San Jose Bakeshop Franchisee, you are required to purchase From the franchisor and specific suppliers.
Prior to and upon opening, San Jose Bakeshop representative will assist you with the training of your staff, acquiring equipments, inventory of supplies and arranging the outlet's opening.
San Jose Bakeshop spent a great deal of time and effort developing its system and accepts no compromise in quality or control. In this regard, we required Franchisee and staff to Complete our training program. The cost of training is included In the Franchise fee.



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